The program receives its primary direction from Residency Program Chairman, Rahul Vaidya, M.D., and Residency Program Director, Paul Dougherty, M.D. Both are part of the Orthopaedic Research and Education committee that comprises the primary faculty leadership, including Dr. Jeff Flynn (Providence Hospital/Research), Dr. Todd Frush (Providence Hospital), Dr. Stephen Lemos (Detroit Surgery Hospital), Dr. Bryan Little (Detroit Receiving Hospital), Dr. Bryant Oliphant (Detroit Receiving Hospital), Dr. David Markel (Providence Hospital) and Dr. Walid Yassir (Children's Hospital of Michigan).


We have only one mission - quality education of Orthopaedic residents.


      Information about the program is spread among several sections, and we hope you will find the information useful. However, you may find that the more "practical" information is not readily available. This section is designed to answer most of those questions you want to know about the Detroit Medical Center and Providence Hospital Orthopaedic Residency program, but might be afraid to ask (at least in an interview).
  1. How would you describe the current DMC/Providence Hospital program?
  2. What are the rotations like for each post graduate year (PGY) level?
  3. Is there time for fun outside of the residency program?
  4. What is the vacation time?
  5. Can residents moonlight? 
  6. Are there minimum requirements to apply to the program?
  7. When do you conduct interviews?
1. How would you describe the current DMC/Providence Hospital program?
     There are 4 residents per class for a grand total of 20. We primarily cover 4 hospitals (Providence Hospital and Medical Centers and 3 from the Detroit Medical Center: Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit Receiving Hospital and the Michigan Orthopaedic Specialty Hospital).  They are in close proximity throughout the Detroit area, and we do not lack patients/cases. We have over 20 full-time and part-time clinical faculty, the majority of whom are subspecialty-trained orthopaedists. We are a mixture of urban and community orthopaedics. Our residents have a good mix of emergency, elective, inpatient, and outpatient coverage. We have a balance between clinical evaluation and surgical cases, designed to produce orthopaedic surgeons skilled in both the clinical diagnosis of disease and its operative treatment.
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2. What are the rotations like for each post graduate year (PGY) level?

     Four months of Orthopaedics at Detroit Receiving Hospital (3 months trauma and 1 month on joints), where you take primary in-house ortho call with the senior backup. One month each of Orthopaedics at Children's Hospital of Michigan and Sinai-Grace Hospital. Finally, 2 months of general surgery trauma, and 1 month of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, radiology, and vascular surgery.
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PGY-2 (all 3 months long):
      Detroit Receiving Hospital for orthopaedic trauma service. You will also see a mixture of general, joints, foot/ankle, tumor, and spine. In-house call (~6 per month), always with a senior resident on-call with the junior resident. 1 Friday and Sunday call, and 1 Saturday call. 2 weekends off. Meal tickets provided. Excellent operative experience at the junior and senior levels = EARLY OR experience even as a PGY-1! DAILY x-ray/fracture conference.
     Providence Hospital for joints and general orthopaedics with fellowship-trained joints, sports, and shoulder/elbow attendings. Private hospital with private attendings, where you can learn the business side of orthopaedics! EXCELLENT operative experience; log ~200 cases in 3 months; all cases as 1st assist or primary surgeon. Home call: 1 day a week, 1 weekend a month, rounding only 1 other weekend. $100/month in meals provided; free breakfast daily. Additional conference each Thursday (Radiology, M&M, interesting cases).
     Children's Hospital of Michigan for pediatric orthopaedics with 3 fellowship-trained attendings. 2 additional conferences per week (pre/post op; yearly rotating lecture schedule).Home call  = ~6/month. You will see fractures, scoliosis (idiopathic/neuromuscular), and deformities (congenital/acquired). It is an EXCELLENT rotation to learn reductions (both bone, distal radius, etc...), casting, splinting. The week is split ~2.5 days OR, ~2.5 days clinic.
     Providence Hospital for research rotation, which includes basic science, animal, biomechanics, and clinical research. You can pick your interest or topic, or one can be developed for you. Guidance is ALWAYS available. Attendings ALWAYS have many projects going on. Tons of help in the lab for funding, grant writing, IRB, statistics, editing, submission, and revisions. You are required to have 1 project of publishable quality; all residents submit multiple papers/book chapters for publication. Clinical responsibilities: call at Providence 1 day/week and 1 weekend/month. You round every morning.
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PGY-3 (all 3 months long):
     DMC Surgery Hospital for sports. Team doctors for Detroit Red Wings, Tigers and Pistons = tickets!! Simple, complex, very complex, and revision procedures (arthroscopy and open). Weekly cadaver lab for scope practice & anatomy. Monthly visiting world-renown lecturer. Monthly sports journal club. There are currently 3 sports fellows, but: you NEVER double scrub and they NEVER steal cases!
     Providence Hospital for spine with 2 fellowship-trained attendings. Vast variety of cases: degenerative, deformity, trauma, and tumor. ~70 cases per month. Minimally invasive techniques - perc. fusion, microdiscectomy, etc. Call: general ortho/spine 1 day/week and 1 weekend/month.
     Detroit Receiving Hospital (hand) and Dearborn Orthopaedics (foot and ankle) rotations, each 6 weeks long.
     Detroit Receiving Hospital for orthopaedic trauma service.
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PGY-4 (all 3 months long):
     Detroit Receiving Hospital
     Providence Hospital for research rotation. Senior call at Detroit Receiving Hospital.
     Children's Hospital of Michigan
     Providence Hospital

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PGY-5 (all 3 months long):
     Detroit Receiving Hospital
     DMC Surgery Hospital
     Providence Hospital
     Detroit Receiving Hospital (hand) and Dearborn Orthopaedics (foot and ankle) rotations, each 6 weeks long.

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3. Is there time for fun outside of the residency program?
      Orthopaedic residencies are not vacations, and our program is no exception. A certain level of commitment is expected, and personal sacrifices do have to be made. Having said that, the majority of our residents currently are married, many with young families. Each resident has outside interests, and they often overlap each other. You will not forget that you have a home. We have an annual golf outing at a local country club and a Winter Solstice party.  We also have an annual Tigers Game Day where we watch the game from a VIP box for all residents, attendings and families. We attend Red Wings games with applicants. Also, sports' attendings give GREAT tickets to Pistons and Tigers games! 

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4. What is the vacation time?
     You get 3 weeks of vacation.  Additional time is given for presentations at local, regional, and national meetings. For holidays: Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years - usually work 1 holiday and have 2 off, depending on rotation.

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 5. Can residents moonlight?

     Moonlighting is NOT permitted in this Program at this time. Possibly some are moonlighting without permission. This is risky. The professional liability insurance provided as an employment benefit does NOT provide coverage during moonlighting. All residents are hereby warned of this danger.

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6. Are there minimum requirements to apply to the program?
    Yes. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.  Foreign medical graduates are accepted (must have green card or be a U.S. citizen).  You are NOT required to have your ECFMG certificate in hand to apply.  The application deadline is October 15 for the next academic year.

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7. When do you conduct interviews?
     Interviews are typically conducted in early January each year. Invitations to interview will be sent out beginning in early November.

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