The program receives its primary direction from Residency Program Chairman, Rahul Vaidya, M.D., and Residency Program Director, Paul Dougherty, M.D. Both are part of the Orthopaedic Research and Education committee that comprises the primary faculty leadership, including Dr. Jeff Flynn (Providence Hospital/Research), Dr. Todd Frush (Providence Hospital), Dr. Stephen Lemos (Detroit Surgery Hospital), Dr. Bryan Little (Detroit Receiving Hospital), Dr. Bryant Oliphant (Detroit Receiving Hospital), Dr. David Markel (Providence Hospital) and Dr. Walid Yassir (Children's Hospital of Michigan).


We have only one mission - quality education of Orthopaedic residents.

Conference Schedule


Orthopaedic Academic Conferences: Weekly (Revolving two-year curriculum)
     Week one - Visiting Lecturer
     Week two - 3 curriculum lectures, 2 resident case presentations
     Week three - 4 curriculum lectures
     Week four - 3 curriculum lectures, 2 resident case presentations
Journal Clubs:  General and Sports Medicine (both monthly)
Morbidity & Mortality:  Monthly
Visiting Professor:  Monthly
Trauma Sawbones Surgical Skill Lab: Weekly


Delivering excellence in care through exceptional education.

Scholarly Activity


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