The program receives its primary direction from Residency Program Chairman, Rahul Vaidya, M.D., and Residency Program Director, Paul Dougherty, M.D. Both are part of the Orthopaedic Research and Education committee that comprises the primary faculty leadership, including Dr. Jeff Flynn (Providence Hospital/Research), Dr. Todd Frush (Providence Hospital), Dr. Stephen Lemos (Detroit Surgery Hospital), Dr. Bryan Little (Detroit Receiving Hospital), Dr. Bryant Oliphant (Detroit Receiving Hospital), Dr. David Markel (Providence Hospital) and Dr. Walid Yassir (Children's Hospital of Michigan).


We have only one mission - quality education of Orthopaedic residents.

Program Strengths

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) and Providence Hospital together have an abundant volume of clinical material:

• Detroit Receiving Hospital (DRH) (formerly Detroit General Hospital) was one of the first two or three ACS Level-I Trauma hospitals in the nation. Both the volume and acuity of Orthopaedic trauma are high, and this provides a rich environment to learn the management of complex injuries to the musculoskeletal system, including long bones, pelvis, spine, and foot.

• Children's Hospital of Michigan (CHM) is a tertiary hospital devoted solely to children. Both the volume and complexity of the pediatric Orthopaedic cases referred to CHM are high, and this provides a rich environment to learn the management of complex pediatric musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, especially including complex spine and foot surgery.

• The DMC Surgical Hospital (DSH) is included in the Program solely for the purpose of obtaining education in high level Orthopaedic sports medicine. Faculty at DSH serve as team physicians to the Detroit Tigers (MLB), Detroit Pistons (NBA), and Detroit Red Wings (NHL). The faculty also receive large numbers of referrals concerning community and high school athletes.

• Providence Hospital is a high-volume community hospital. Providence is a center of excellence for joint replacement, especially hip and knee replacement, but also for other joints. Providence is a high volume center for Orthopaedic spine surgery, reconstructive far more than traumatic. Providence also has a large volume of “community” trauma – wrist fractures, hip fractures, single-long-bone-fractures – as distinguished from the severe trauma seen at DRH.

The Detroit Medical Center and Providence Hospital together have created and sponsor an Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, dedicated to supporting resident research. This laboratory is located on the Providence Hospital campus. The sponsors provide full staffing with scientific personnel: 3 PhD-trained scientists of various scientific backgrounds. The laboratory is well equipped with centrifuges, balances and ultra low freezers.  In addition, we have the capability of analyzing intracellular and extracellular expression of proteins via flow cytometry, measuring gene expression via RT-PCR and evaluating bone integrity via an in vivo micro computed tomography system. Every resident is given six months of protected time during the residency to conduct research – 3 months as a PG-2 and another 3 months as a PG-4. Residents will undergo instruction in basic (as a PG-2) and advanced (as a PG-4) microsurgical techniques during their research rotations.

The Detroit Medical Center (DMC) and Providence Hospital Orthopaedic Residency Program is very well funded, compared to other programs.

Each resident in this Program receives $2000 each year to spend on his/her educational needs – books, computers, etc. IN ADDITION, at Program expense:

• Every PG-2 resident is sent to the Synthes / AO Basic fracture fixation course;

• Every PG-3 resident is sent to the University of Florida Tumor/Pathology Course;

• Every PG-4 resident may attend any course of his/her choice; and

• Every PG-5 resident is sent to attend the American Academy or Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting and a Board Review Course.

• Every PG-3 resident is given a personal set of surgical loupes.

• Every resident is provided BLS education.

• Every resident is provided education to attain ACLS certification.

• Every resident is provided education to attain ATLS certification.

• Every resident is provided protective lead wear.



Delivering excellence in care through exceptional education.

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