The program receives its primary direction from Residency Program Chairman, Rahul Vaidya, M.D., and Residency Program Director, Paul Dougherty, M.D. Both are part of the Orthopaedic Research and Education committee that comprises the primary faculty leadership, including Dr. Jeff Flynn (Providence Hospital/Research), Dr. Todd Frush (Providence Hospital), Dr. Stephen Lemos (Detroit Surgery Hospital), Dr. Bryan Little (Detroit Receiving Hospital), Dr. Bryant Oliphant (Detroit Receiving Hospital), Dr. David Markel (Providence Hospital) and Dr. Walid Yassir (Children's Hospital of Michigan).


We have only one mission - quality education of Orthopaedic residents.

Research Facilities

The research facilities at Providence Hospital consist of 2 major laboratories:
     1) The 12,000 square foot Biomedical Research Facility houses several sections, including a Clinical Trials Office with an exam room; expanded laboratory space for cell culture and for the Immunotherapy Program; a large basic science laboratory; a redesigned microvascular teaching laboratory with space for up to four teaching microscopes; and a temporal bone laboratory with 12 modules and video connection to patient operating rooms.
     2) The Orthopaedic Research Laboratory, built in 2008, was developed to support residents' education and academics through research. The laboratory consists of over 1000 square feet of space within the existing 12,000 square feet area of the Patient Care Research Facility. Three PhD scientists with diverse backgrounds work to provide research support for teaching faculty and resident research. In addition to the resources of the Biomedical Research Facility, the Orthopaedic Research laboratory now includes resources for in vivo micro computed tomography, flow cytometry and real time-polymerase chain reaction quantification of gene expression.  

VivaCT 40 in vivo micro computed tomography instrument from Scanco Medical AG. C6 Flow cytometer from Accuri, Inc.
StepOne RT-PCR instrument from Applied Biosystems, Inc.  Microsurgical operating room
Orthopaedic Research Laboratory Orthopaedic Research Laboratory



Delivering excellence in care through exceptional education.

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